How To Choose a Picnic Blanket

picnic blanket

Going for fun activities outdoors, like picnics, is relaxing and fun. But to prepare a picnic takes planning and specific necessities for it to be a comfortable and calming experience. One of the main elements to consider is a picnic blanket. Unfortunately, getting a good picnic blanket can be challenging at times. Luckily, for high-quality picnic blankets, you can check out Heating & Plumbing picnic rug selection. While shopping for a rug maybe a bit tricky, we’ve laid out the things to consider to make your shopping easier.


The kind of material you choose for a picnic blanket is essential. An ideal rug should be waterproof on one side to prevent water from seeping through the rug and make sitting and lying down uncomfortable. A waterproof mat will allow you to dine and wine in comfort even after a rainy day or on rough terrains. An ideal rug should also be machine washable to make your life easier. Washing out all the grass stains, mud, and dirt by hands may be rough, and hence it is best to buy a machine washable rug.


Everyone has different tastes and preferences, but specific colors are ideal for the outdoors. Bright colors are best for the outdoors; they make the picnic lively and attractive. Dull colors will likely dampen the outdoor mood. Go for a bright shade of your choice that will match your merry mood.


consider the sizeA perfect size blanket is one that fits all your invitees. If you are a family person, choose one that comfortably fits the whole family to make everyone comfortable and enjoy the relaxation. An ideal size is six feet by six feet, and this will allow everyone to stretch and sit in a position they are most comfortable.


The blanket texture will determine how much relaxation you’ll have by sitting or lying down on it. Go for a smooth and soothing surface to make to relax to the maximum. A rough-textured rug is likely to feel uncomfortable and scratchy on your skin and hence impossible to lie on and relax. Nylon is a good material for a picnic blanket. It is smooth and feels all warm and relaxing even if it is cold in the outdoors.

Weight and Durability

A lightweight blanket is easy to haul around. Go for one that rolls down into compact easy to carry sizes. Now blankets come with their bags, while some fold up to small sizes that fit in stuff sacks quickly or can be strapped into a day pack. Go for a blanket with a strong and durable material as you do not want to be shopping for a new blanket every time you need to dine and relax outdoors.…